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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

February Obsessions

Hello there everyone!
I hope you're all well, even when the weather is this awful and miserable. A good cup of tea and an afternoon spent inside in the warm always cures it though! 

I haven't written about my current favourites in over a year! So, today I'll be revisiting, and shall be writing about a few of my current obsessions that I've become addicted to lately. I always find obsession posts thrilling to read, most probably just because I can justify buying more things ;)

Finger top rings - River Island

Lately, I've have been obsessed with wearing finger top rings, I'm in love! I've constantly been on the hunt for some, and could never find any, mainly because of my humongous manly hands hehe. I went to Cardiff a few weeks ago and found so many gorgeous finger top rings; there were so many there that I originally picked up £24 worth of rings..*insert shocked face* but not to fear, I restrained myself and only chose £9 worth of beautifulness.

I fell in love when I saw them on the stand, and I will forever love RI's affordable jewellery range. I would strongly recommend River Island if you're looking for basic pieces of jewellery, such as pearls, cheap and cheerful earrings, and cute, dainty necklaces. 

Here you can see some of the rings in a closer detail. The pack of two really caught my eye, as lately I've loved incorporating daisies into my wardrobe ready for the spring, whether it's on my jewellery or clothes. For a mere £3 for each set, you really can't go wrong for some statement jewellery to spruce up an outfit!

Gold watches - TKMAXX

I know I'm jumping onto this whole 'gold watch' bandwagon incredibly late, but seeing as I'm wearing mine everyday, I thought it would be best to include it. I've been incredibly envious of everyone who had Michael Kors watches for Christmas, so I decided to find an affordable substitute until I can manage to part with a wad of cash for his stunning arm candy. I had almost given up my search until I looked in my local TKMAXX store, and found this gorgeous golden beauty.

This watch is from the brand 'Jules & James', and was priced at £14.99, a bargain! It's has an adjustable strap which has detachable links if it's too big, a large golden face which shows the numbers and markings clearly, pink jewels inside the numbers, and a golden dial on the right side of the face. Ever since buying it, I've not stopped wearing it, it's now on my wrist every day, and does not let me down! 

Viva La Juicy - Debenhams

The infamous Juicy Couture scent of Viva La Juicy has been an obsession of mine for around two years. I've been through so many bottles of this it's unbelievable! I can't even begin to describe the smell of it, all I can say is that it's heavenly and strong and just delicious! 

Healthy Eating & Walking

Ever since the new year, I've tried to eat a lot healthier, and become fitter. I've had major setbacks from before Christmas & new year, such as breaking my foot, meaning I wasn't able to start exercising until last week. I've been walking every day since I was given the all clear, and I'm loving how much better I am feeling. I've totally cut out McDonald's, KFC, junk food, pizza's, chips, chocolate etc, and believe me, it was so difficult to start. I'm now following a healthy meal plan filled with fruit and vegetables and I feel 10x better. Before, I felt sluggish, I was constantly tired and grumpy, my skin was really bad, and I had no energy. Even from a few weeks of eating fresh foods, I can feel such a difference; I'm not as tired, I'm energetic, a lot happier, and my skin is starting to clear up. All around excellent news! :)
If you're still sticking to your new year resolutions, leave me a comment so we can motivate each other and keep all of this positivity going! 

One last thing that I'd like to ask is whether anyone had any requests or any suggestions that I could write about! I'd like to write things that people actually found helpful or interesting, so if you want to leave me a comment it would be much appreciated! :)

Thanks for reading sweets, hope everyone is having a good week and isn't too sad about this weather! 


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