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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Who's a (slightly) clever girl then?

Holá mi amigos

So yes, this is ANOTHER blog post from me! 
:O Shocking or what!?!

Anyway, on my last post I told you that I would make a different post for my GCSE results...
Well, I passed :) (But i'm going to leave the juicy grades till last!)

Thursday, 25th August, 2011

8:15 AM - Woken up with a nice hot choccie and a few biccies :)
(oh, how I love my mum! :D )

8:30 AM - Get out of shower, Nearly have a heart attack while brushing my teeth, then change into the first thing I pulled out of my wardrobe.

8:45 AM - Slap on a bit of mascara and concealer, chuck my ugg boots on, and go and pick up my friend.

9:00 AM - Arrive at the main entrance. 
Nearly wet myself because I saw people coming outside who looked really dissapointed :(

9:05 AM - meet my form tutor in the projection room. 
Get handed my results in a sealed white envelope. 

Okay, okay, okay... I'll tell you!

Religious Studies (short course) = A*
Religious Studies = A
English Language = A
English Literature = A
Welsh = B ( :O!! )
Home Economics = B
Science = B
Maths = B
History = C
Geography = C (foundation tier)

I was so pleased with myself, as I had revised so much, so I ended up bursting into tears. 
The head teacher came over and said how proud of me she was because she knew that I could get those sort of results. My form teacher was crying with me, and also, my friend came blubbering over to me.
I swear it was like an onion had been shoved in our eyes!

I went over to the head of sixth form, who was also my English teacher for the past two years, and she said how happy she was for me that I got TWO A's!!! 
We went through all of my results, and then she asked me what A levels I would like to take.

I chose;
-Health & Social Care
-Religious Studies

I only took three because I know that I am not capable of doing four subjects, and Welsh Baccalaureate, as it wouldn't leave me ANY time for myself or for me to revise during my free periods.

When I was walking back to my car, I rang my Mum.
She wanted me to list off what I got.
I told her all of my results and she screamed because she was so excited :)

When I got back home, my mum and dad surprised me with personalised 'well done' cards, and a 100ml bottle of Juicy Couture's 'Viva La Juicy' perfume! :)

My mum was astonished with my results, because all of my exams had actually been AWFUL!

So, to sum up my life in the past few days;
I started Sixth Form College, but it was my school that i had attended for years 7-11, on Monday 5th September, and I LOVED IT! People have much more respect for you, and teachers actually treat you like adults.
I have spoken to so many people, who were in my school during other years, and have made more friends than ever before!
I have been put into a form that only has my 2 best friends in. This suits me to the floor but there are also other people, the 'snooty' people, who I have realised are so lovely, and friendly!
Tuesday was the best day. I had two free periods together, and loads of different people were with me and my besties in the library, including boys that used to be so immature.

It's so funny how people have grown up over the summer and exams.

Oh well. :)

I know that this post won't interest everyone, but I hope you enjoyed my hectic life over the past few weeks!

Going to write a new post, which will be uploaded in a few days (hopefully!!)

See you soon!

xxx Sophie xxx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I own up...

Holá mi amigos

So, yes, I own up.
I have not posted in almost a month D:
Urmm, sorry?

Seriously, though. I'm sorry :(

I have had so much on my plate, some of which, i shall list below;

- stress of my GCSE results, and wondering what I would do if i didn't get into my chosen sixth form!
(if you're wondering what I got, i will do a blog post on it :D )
- I went on holiday after my GCSE results for 5 days, and I relaxed with my family! 
(there will be another blog post on that as well!)
- Going out with my friends, some of which I will not see in a very long time :(
- I had a cold, which made me lie in bed, with ice cream, and a blankey (with chick flicks!)


Now I am in sixth form, I do have free lessons, which I either do homework in, or hang out in the library weeing off the librarian! D:
I will try to take my macbook and write up blogs in advance :)

I do have an amazingly outdated primani (primark), MAC, and models own haul, would you all still be interested in reading this tired, old post?? (leave a comment! It makes my day :D! )

Just a quick update though! :)

Speak to you all soon!

xxx Sophie xxx