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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Topshop & Accessorize haul

Holá mi amigos

So a few days ago I went shopping for some new jewellery for sixth form in September. Luckily, there were great deals on at both Topshop and Accessorize! So I thought that I would treat you to a new blog post, seeing as I has been MIA...

Reasons that I have been MIA;

  • I have been ill the past week and have been diagnosed with 'shingles' which means I was in contact with someone who had chicken pox
  • I have been in my house, eating pasta, and not shopping or actually wearing makeup 
  • My baby cousin came down when I was recovering and was sooo bloody hyperactive that my day just included making weird noises while he was playing with the window handle....
  • My internet has been doing very funky things which includes not being able to upload the photos to this haul, which is kinda essential, and then not allowing me to watch beauty videos on YouTube :(

Anyway, first I went to Topshop, and the local store to me had great deals on, even though I only bought two items.

The first was a quite long necklace that I had my eye on for months, but wasn't going to pay £8 for it! When I saw it, my arms flung in front of everyone else, and when I picked it up they probably thought I had a mental problem :S Anyway, the necklace was only £2.50 which I thought was brilliant! It has 5 birds on it but no clasp (which I prefer because I can wear it whatever way I want) and is a brass/gold colour.

I then saw this beautiful, gorgeously-long semi precious necklace in the sale. After listening to SWalkerMakeup banging on about her semi precious necklace (that I couldn't find anywhere), I figured that this would be a good purchase because it is very versatile, and can be layered with other necklaces over/under it.It was priced at £2.50 aswell, and my mind made my hand grab it as quick as I could (needless to say that the other people browsing by me still thought that I was a complete nutter, and shuffled over to the till). The chain of the necklace is gold, and the stone is a beautiful teal-green colour!

I then popped over to Accessorize because I had seen a few hauls online about their 70% sale ( :O! ) I went in and came out with 4 amazing goodies for myself! The first item was a goldy-brassy, beautiful bird necklace with exquisite detailing on the bird itself. This was reduced from £10 to £3!!! Absolute bargain! :)
I think this necklace would look perfect when paired with a hippy style top, but I recently wore it out with just a black t-shirt and black skinny jeans!

I thought the detail on this was exquisite!

Absolute bargain!

Then, on my little scavenge, I found this beaut. It is a golden/brassy elephant on a fine gold chain. When I picked up the necklace, I found out that the elephant is quite heavy for its size. This was reduced from £6.00 to £1.80! Rather good buy, no??

 I thought this was quite a good shot! :)

The final necklace I found in the heap of gold in the shop was, what I like to call, a 'double neckalce'. Technically, this was a layered necklace which I thought would be perfect for sixth-form and just to chuck on when nothing matches. On one strand, it has a strand of golden leaves, which are soooooo pretty and delicate! Then on the other strand it is a thin gold chain with little golden balls on it. This was also reduced from £10 to £3! Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it!

 Sorry about the blurry image! 

Finally, I saw this little gem at the very bottom of the wall, where all of the tangled jewels go, and saw this bright turquoise/teal friendship bracelet. This was reduced from £7 to £2.10?? I think :S
I thought it looked just the part to add to my ever growing friendship bracelet collection, that I wear all together :) This also looks perfect when it is just worn on its own - plain and simple!

 It's got this beautiful gold detailed clasp :)

 Rightio, I think that is all! Phwoar, lotta pics to handle there! 

Next post will probably either be a birthday haul, yes, that's right, my birthday is in exactly 8 days! EEEKK! Im going to be 16! I don't know if my amigos are sixteen but I cannot wait! Or just a plain old primark haul : / Or even a wishlist of items that I have been drooling over recently!

Thank you all if you managed to get this far, I know it was quite a long one today! 
See you very soon! :)


  1. i love your taste in jewelry i really like the elephant one

  2. Thankyou! Cannot believe my luck, all these goodies for under £20!!

  3. I love all the jewelery you got! They're all so lovely <3

  4. Thankyou! I love everything I got, and cannot wait to wear it all! Also, thanks for checking out my blog, it means a lot! :)

  5. I just LOVE all of these things :DD

  6. Thanks! I loved it all too!
    Also thanks for taking the time to read my blog, it really means a lot!

  7. you got some lovely buys, and at bargain prices too :) xx

  8. Yes, I did! And i couldn't believe that they were sooo cheap! Thanks for checking out my blog, it means a lot! :D xxx

  9. Such pretty necklaces :) xx