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Sunday, 20 January 2013


Well hello everyone!

I'm terribly sorry that I haven't been present for a very long time, who knew A Levels and teenage life would be such hard work?!

In all honesty my life has been very hectic due to various reasons:
  1. I'm currently learning to drive, and in the process of booking my practical test
  2. I've sat a few exams, and have completed my A Level in Health and Social Care, just waiting for my exam results now! :)
  3. I'm applying for university! It's so exciting but so nervous at the same time!! (I'm going to write a post on this very soon!)
But, hopefully, now exams are over and my life is a little less stressful, I can finally come back to blogging, and keep you lovely lot updated in my life! :)

One thing that has kept me happy and uplifted me is all of the videos of Zoe (Zoella) and Louise (sprinkle of glitter). I am faling in love with their relationship, it never fails to make me laugh, and I just normally end up spurting out my cup of tea all over my laptop, and my parents questioning my sanity! But seeing their videos and reading their blog posts have made me keep my calm through stressful times, and I can't thank them more! 

Righty, that's all from me for now, but I'm currently writing another post to release sometime this week! If you would like to keep in touch with me, add me on twitter! My username is Sophiealice13 I would love to see some more followers to join me so we can have plenty of chats!!

Lovely to speak to you all again, hope you don't get bored of me soon!

Lots of love and hugs

Sophie <3