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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I own up...

Holá mi amigos

So, yes, I own up.
I have not posted in almost a month D:
Urmm, sorry?

Seriously, though. I'm sorry :(

I have had so much on my plate, some of which, i shall list below;

- stress of my GCSE results, and wondering what I would do if i didn't get into my chosen sixth form!
(if you're wondering what I got, i will do a blog post on it :D )
- I went on holiday after my GCSE results for 5 days, and I relaxed with my family! 
(there will be another blog post on that as well!)
- Going out with my friends, some of which I will not see in a very long time :(
- I had a cold, which made me lie in bed, with ice cream, and a blankey (with chick flicks!)


Now I am in sixth form, I do have free lessons, which I either do homework in, or hang out in the library weeing off the librarian! D:
I will try to take my macbook and write up blogs in advance :)

I do have an amazingly outdated primani (primark), MAC, and models own haul, would you all still be interested in reading this tired, old post?? (leave a comment! It makes my day :D! )

Just a quick update though! :)

Speak to you all soon!

xxx Sophie xxx

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